Wednesday 6th November7.25am1.30pm7.30pm
Thursday 7th November7.15am1.30pm7.30pm
Friday 8th November7.25am4.15pm (Shabbat commences 4.07pm)Follows Mincha
Shabbat 9th November9.15am4.00pmShabbat ends 5.10pm
Sunday 10th November8.30am4.00pmFollows Mincha
Monday 11th November7.15am1.30pm7.30pm
Tuesday 12th November7.25am1.30pm7.30pm
Wednesday 13th November7.25am1.30pm7.30pm
Thursday 14th November7.15am1.30pm7.30pm
Friday 15th November7.25am4.00pm (Shabbat commences 3.56pm)Follows Mincha
Shabbat 16th November9.00amAfter KiddushShabbat ends 5.01pm

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