Thursday 20th January7.15am3.45pmFollows mincha
Friday 21st January7.25am4.15pmFollows mincha
Shabbat 22nd JanuaryMain Shul Service 1 – 9.00am
Main Shul Service 2 – 11.45am

4.15pmShabbat ends 5.23pm
Sunday 23rd January8.30am3.45pmFollows mincha
Monday 24th January7.15am3.45pmFollows mincha
Tuesday 25th January7.25am3.45pmFollows mincha
Wednesday 26th January7.25am3.45pmFollows mincha
Thursday 27th January7.15am3.45pmFollows mincha
Friday 28th January7.25am4.30pmFollows mincha
Shabbat 29th JanuaryMain Shul Service 9.30am
Saatchi Service 9.30am
4.30pmShabbat ends 5.34pm

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