Shabbat 25th September9.15am (Kohelet 8.45am)
6.45pmShabbat ends 7.39pm
Sunday 26th September8.00am followed by breakfast in the succah6.30pmFollows mincha
Monday 27th September Hoshana Rabba6.30am Main Service / 7.00am Saatchi Service6.30pm Festival starts 6.33pmFollows mincha
Tuesday 28th September Shemini Atzeret9.15am Main Service/10.00am Saatchi Service
Yizkor Main 11.00am / Saatchi 11.15am
6.30pm Simchat Torah begins 7.32pmFollows mincha
Wednesday 29th September Simchat Torah9.00am Main Service / 10.00am Saatchi Serviceafter kiddush7.30pm (festival ends)
Thursday 30th September7.15am6.30pmFollows mincha
Friday 1st October7.25am6.15pmFollows mincha
Shabbat 2nd October Bereishit9.30am Main Service / Saatchi Service6.15pm followed by seudah7.23pm

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