St John’s wood Synagogue’s Kindergarten is a stimulating, vibrant, and nurturing school for 6 months to 5-year-old. We take pride in creating an environment that fosters curiosity and growth for all children using Jewish values. We invest in our Kindergarten to ensure an atmosphere that promotes imagination, creativity, and critical thinking. Our child led learning environment is reflective of pedagogies and philosophies such as curiosity approach which encourage children as active participants in their learning. Our school family is comprised of qualified dedicated individuals who share our values and emanate love, support, and guidance in each classroom.

The Kindergarten is open:

Monday to Thursday, from 8.00am-6.00pm

and on Friday from 8.00am-12noon.

Parking is available for drop-off and pick-up.

For more information, or to arrange a visit to the Kindergarten, please contact Mary DaCosta – Kindergarten Manager on 020 3214 3823.