Passover Times and Services 5783/2023

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Shacharit MinchaMa’ariv
Main ShulSaatchi Shul
Tuesday 4th April
Sale of Chametz forms must be received by Dayan Binstock
Before 11.00am*Service in the Main Shul
Wednesday 5th April
Erev Pesach, Fast of the Firstborn
Latest times eating Chametz 10:51am
Latest time burning Chametz 11:58am
Eruv Tavshilin
Followed by Siyum for Firstborns
*Service in the Main ShulYom Tov begins 7.26pm
Mincha 7.00pm
After Mincha, 1st Seder begins 8.23pm
Thursday 6th April
1st Day Passover
Tefilat Tai (Prayer for Dew)
9.45am10.15am7.00pmAfter dvar torah
1st day Passover ends and 2nd day Passover begins at 8.31pm
Counting of the Omer begins
Friday 7th April – Bank Holiday
2nd Day Passover (Omer 1)
9.45am10.15am7.00pmAfter Mincha
Shabbat 8th April – 3rd day Passover
Chol Hamoed (Omer 2) Shir Hashirim
9.30am9.45am7.15pmShabbat ends 8.34pm
Sunday 9th April – 4th day Passover
Chol Hamoed (Omer 3)
8.00am*Service in the Main Shul7.30pmAfter Mincha
Monday 10th April – 5th day Passover
Chol Hamoed (Omer 4) Bank Holiday
8.00am*Service in the Main Shul7.30pmAfter Mincha
Tuesday 11th April – Chol Hamoed
6th day Passover (Omer 5)
7.00am*Service in the Main Shul7.00pmAfter Mincha
Wednesday 12th April – 7th day Passover
(Omer 6)
9.30am*Service in the Main Shul7.00pmAfter dvar torah
Thursday 13th April – 8th day Passover
(Omer 7) Yizkor (Memorial Prayer)
9.30am10.00am7.15pmFESTIVAL ENDS 8.43pm
Friday 14th April – 9th day Passover (Omer 8)7.25am*Service in the Main Shul6.30pmAfter Mincha
Shabbat 15th April – 10th day Passover (Omer 9)9.30am9.30am7.15pm8.34pm