Maurice Goldstone  14.04.1944 – 05.07.20

Tribute delivered at the funeral by daughter, Danielle Levison on 12.07.20

“14/4/44” –  Dad’s late great Mum and our Grandma Rose would often be heard singing this to Dad to sooth him to sleep as an infant. Born during the great Blitz of London as the doodle bugs were dropping, Maurice “Basil” Goldstone came into the world. Loved deeply by his parents, Rose and Nat Goldstone, and by his late Brother Michael and sister Maureen. He was molly coddled from the outset and sometimes put in a dress by his sister and called Sally – who had longed for a baby sister and Dad had to play that part unwillingly.

He was always up to mischief as a boy, setting fires in the house and playing cricket in the bedroom. His childhood was idyllic, in south London, Croydon and surrounded by loving relatives, a particular favourite of Dad’s was Uncle Bob, who he loved dearly.

During his early teens it was inevitable he would go into the family business, and together with Uncle Michael, they went on to create a successful name for Millets-anoraks, DM boots and tents. These made regular appearances in the garden during our childhood.

Dad went on to meet the love of his life Denise at a charity event, in 1967. A year later, they were married and went onto have us three girls.

The sale of the company Millets, meant Dad could embark on his passion for antique jewellery and together with our late and wonderful Grandpa Harry saw him enter an exciting new chapter in his life. He was also able to concentrate on his philanthropic efforts, such as Charities Aid, Jami and Jewish Care, to name but a few.

As a family he loved to take us away to places of historical significance, nowhere was more evident than a trip to Italy to marvel at the ruins of Rome or Pompeii.

Dad loved History and Art, any era excited him – he was always there to impart an interesting fact from Henry the 8th to World War II. His passion for antiquities led him searching for that ultimate tea set for the three of us to enjoy.

Family was everything to Dad. His love for the three of us, his sons in law Murray, James and Yoni, seven grandchildren, Joel, Jayden, Lia, Milo, Erin, Cassie and Theo, knew no bounds.

Our most cherished memory was one big family holiday to Disney to celebrate Dad’s 70th. A particular highlight saw Dad ride the famous roller coaster space mountain, Dad got off the ride, a bit green around the gills, but he loved every bit of it. This sums up Dad’s great sense of fun and humour. A joke, a funny anecdote was always constant, with Dad chasing us around the house pretending he had a squashed spider in his hand or retelling of a bad Dad joke over and over again. Dad will also be remembered in a shirt – often emblazoned with his initials just in case he lost them, and a tie to top it off and insisted that on every family occasion that his grandsons and son in laws were all in the same attire as he was.

His marriage to Mum was a loving caring union never leaving each other’s side, lots of laughter, lots of tickling and giggles – pure devotion to the end. They shared a love for a golden oldie and a weekly, sometimes nightly trip to the office aka the casino! Some of their most cherished memories were taking cruises all over the world, seeing new places and making long lasting friends.

It is hard to believe we are standing here in such tragic circumstances although sudden we hope dad didn’t suffer too much. Dad will always be remembered as being a real character – a bit mashug, he had a feisty streak, and a dry and quick wit. We must cherish the lasting memories we have of him.  He is now upstairs reuniting and gossiping with his siblings and parents but will be sorely missed by everyone he has left behind. On a final note Dad had a catch phrase whilst tussling and wrestling with his grandchildren and this was “I’m the winner!” Well dad you were a winner and we love you.