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This Week: Shabbat Chol Hamoed Pesach   

Shabbat begins 7.48pm ends 8.55pm
St Johns' wood synagogue


37/41 Grove End Road
St. John's Wood
London NW8 9NG
Tel: 020-7286-3838

Office Hours

Sunday to Friday 10am to 1pm



Times of Services

Service Times Shacharit Mincha Ma'ariv
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Week starting 14th April
Monday 14th April
Erev Pesach
7.00am 7.45pm Follows Mincha
Tuesday 15th April
1st Day Pesach
9.30am 7.30pm Follows Mincha
Wednesday 16th April
2nd Day Pesach
9.30am 7.45pm 8.49pm
Thursday 17th April 7.00am 7.30pm Follows Mincha
Friday 18th April 8.00am 7.00pm Follows Mincha
Shabbat 19th April 9.00am 7.45pm 8.55pm
Sunday 20th April 8.30am 7.00pm Follows Mincha
Yom Tov begins
Paul Summer will lein.

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Kiddushim at St John's Wood
We are pleased to list in the attachment the various options should you wish to sponsor a Kiddush, Seudah or Breakfast...

Authority for the Sale of Chametz

Passover Times and Services


Chief Rabbi's
Covenant & Conversation

Thoughts on the Weekly Parsha by he
Chief Rabbi.
Weekly Thoughts

From the Chazan's Desk
Adon Olam
The Selichos Service

Friday Evening:
Service begins the quarter of an hour on or after the time Shabbos begins (September - March) Summer Months (April - August) - Service on Friday Evening begins at 7.15pm.
Shabbos Afternoon:
Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes before Shabbos end
Rosh Chodesh:
Shacharis is at 7.00am on Weekdays and 8.00am on Sundays - A breakfast follows the Service on Rosh Chodesh
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