Friday 12th April: Shabbat begins 7.38 pm; service begins 7.00 pm

Shabbat 13th April: Parashat Metzora – Shabbat HaGadol                   

9.15 am: Shacharit

Shabbat Kodesh Programme

Speakers: Dayan Ivan Binstock: ‘What are the Goals of our Seder?’

Rabbi Mendel Cohen: ‘Staying or travelling this Pesach things you must do this week’

Mincha: 7.30 pm followed by Seudah Shlishit

Ma’ariv: 8.43 pm when Shabbat ends

Friday 19th April/EVE OF PASSOVER: Erev Pesach, Fast of the Firstborn BANK HOLIDAY

8.00 am: Shacharit followed by a Siyum for First Borns

10.39 am: latest times for eating Chametz

11.49 am: latest time for burning Chametz

7.49 pm: 1st day Passover starts. Main Service begins 7.30 pm. Saatchi service at 7.15pm

8.49 pm: FIRST SEDER and Nightfall

Shabbat, 20th April – 1ST DAY PASSOVER Tefilat Tal (Prayer for Dew) followed by a joint kiddush 9:30 am (Main) 10.00 am (Saatchi) 7:45 pm followed by a Dvar Torah After Dvar Torah. (8:56 pm when 1st day Passover ends and 2nd day Passover begins) SECOND SEDER Counting of the Omer begins
Sunday, 21st April – 2ND DAY PASSOVER (Omer 1) Joint service followed by kiddush 9:45 am8:00 pm followed by a shiur 8:58 pm when Festival ends
Monday, 22nd April – 3rd Day Passover (Omer 2) BANK HOLIDAY – Chol Hamoed 8:00 am7.30 pmFollows Mincha
Tuesday, 23rd April – 4th Day Passover (Omer 3) Chol Hamoed 7.00 am7.30 pmFollows Mincha
Wednesday, 24th April – 5th Day Passover (Omer 4) Chol Hamoed 7.00 am7.30 pm Follows Mincha
Thursday, 25th April – 6th Day Passover (Omer 5) Chol Hamoed, Eruv Tavshillin FESTIVAL BEGINS 7.59 pm 7.00 am7.30 pmFollows Mincha
Friday 26th April – 7TH DAY PASSOVER (Omer 6) Shabbat begins 8.06 pm Followed by kiddush 9:15 am (Main) 10:00 am (Saatchi) 7:00 pm followed by a Dvar TorahFollows Mincha and Dvar Torah
Shabbat 27th April – 8TH DAY PASSOVER (Omer 7) Shir Hashirim YIZKOR (Memorial Prayer) approx. times Followed by kiddush 9:15 am (Main) 10:00 am (Saatchi) 11:00 am (Main) 11:45 am (Saatchi) 7:45 pm followed by Seudat Hachag/Seudah Shlishit 9:10 pm when Shabbat and Festival ends

Shabbat 27th April – 8th Day Passover

At 7:45 pm we will be holding our SEUDAT HACHAG/special SEUDAH SHLISHIT.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to re-experience the excitement of a Seder.  We will sing through some of the songs of the Haggadah, drink some more wine, eat some more Matzah and give the Yom Tov a rousing send-off!  All Welcome.  Do join us!