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Jewish Law requires that we do not posses any chametz for the duration of Pesach. In earlier times, it was relatively straightforward to ensure that all chametz was either eaten or disposed of before Pesach. Today, this may not be possible. Think, if you had to use up all your whiskey before Pesach! The simple solution to this problem is to put away in a secure place all chametz that cannot be consumed before Pesach. The Rabbi is appointed as an Agent to sell this chametz on your behalf. Whilst he would plan to buy back the chametz after Pesach, this is, in no way, a condition of the sale. In completing the form below you are authorising Dayan Binstock to sell your chametz.  If you have any queries about this or any other aspect of Pesach, please feel free to contact Dayan Binstock either at home or at the Synagogue.

Please click here to download a ‘Sale of Chametz form’. Complete the form and send it over to Dayan Binstock or the Synagogue office.

Alternatively you can complete the online form below.

Please ensure in both cases that you receive an acknowledgement from Dayan Binstock. Without it your authorisation is not confirmed!