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A thought-provoking new JLI course that answers your every question on perceiving, defining, and approaching G-d, with Rabbi Mendel Cohen

Wednesday’s Nov 9th – Dec 14th 8pm.

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Course Overview

Judaism began nearly 4000 years ago in the deserts of Mesopotamia with a person, Abraham, who—in a society where belief in gods was universally embraced championed a radically new understanding of a single, omnipotent, invisible Supreme Being. Everything else about Judaism—its teachings, precepts, culture, value system, and all-encompassing belief system—flow from this unique understanding of G-d. But who—or what—is this G-d at the centre of the Jewish understanding of everything?

This six-part course is fast paced, formatted as answers to the twenty-five most common questions that students have been asking about: G-d.

The course is edifying as well as inspiring, philosophical yet practical. Students will gain a deeper understanding of G-d which, in turn, will allow them to experience more meaningful relationships with G-d and with their unique Jewish heritage. My G-d: Defining the Divine is for anyone with sincere questions about G-d, as well as for those who have no questions, but simply want an enhanced understanding of and appreciation for the Creator.

Lesson Overview

Lesson One: The Basics
1 What is G-d? 2 Where is G-d? 3 How did G-d come to be? 4 Is G-d a He, a She, or a They?

Lesson Two: His Nature
1 Does G-d have feelings? 2 Does G-d communicate with human beings? 3 Does G-d ever act illogically?
4 Why does G-d have so many names? 5 Wh-t’s up w-th the hyph-nat-on of G-d?

Lesson Three: His Reasons
1 Why did G-d create us? Does He need us? 2 Why did G-d create evil? 3 Can we question G-d?
4 Why is G-d described as “wrathful” and “jealous”?

Lesson Four: His Truth
1 Do I have to believe in G-d to be Jewish? 2 Is it kosher to have doubts about G-d? 3 Why must I fear G-d? 4 I’m okay with believing in G-d, but I’m not religious. Can we still have a relationship?

Lesson Five: His Paradoxes
1 Can G-d create a rock that He can’t lift? 2 Does G-d’s foreknowledge preclude our free choice? 3 Is there anything that G-d finds difficult to do? 4 If G-d has decided to do something, can we change His mind?

Lesson Six: Our Relationship 
1 Why can’t we see G-d? 2 Can we reconcile G-d with science? 3 Why is Judaism so obsessed with idolatry? Is G-d jealous? 4 I’m a spiritual person. Why do I need to follow the Torah’s “system? to have a relationship with G-d?