Rabbi Yoni and Dina Golker

Rabbi Yoni Golker and his wife Dina have been our Associate Rabbi and Rebbetzen couple since August 2016.

They are responsible for working with all age-groups within the community in partnership with the senior rabbinical team and the Youth Directors.

Rabbi Yoni grew up in Golders Green and attended Menorah Primary and Hasmonean Secondary Schools.  After spending three years at Yeshivas Beis Yisroel, Rabbi Yoni graduated from University in the field of Urban Estate Management.  In 2009, he retrained and qualified as a Jewish Studies teacher at JFS, where he has been for seven years.  During this time he has obtained a Master's Degree in Jewish Education from London University, and received Semicha in Jerusalem. He currently oversees Sixth-Form Jewish Studies at JFS, where he now teaches on a part-time basis.

Rebbetzen Dina also attended Menorah Primary and Hasmonean Secondary Schools and studied Jewish Studies at the Michlala Seminary in Jerusalem.  Since then she has been studying Psychology both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, specialising in Counselling Psychology.  Dina received her teacher's qualification from the UCL Institute of Education in London, and her subject of expertise is Psychology A-Level.

Rabbi Yoni and Dina have four young children, Yosef, Leila,and twin boys, Abie and Gadi. 

In addition to his rabbinical and pastoral duties, Rabbi Yoni and Dina work as directors of the Young Jewish Network (YJN), where they seek to engage the many young Jews in their 20’s and 30’s living in the area.  Click here for more about what they do with the YJN.

Areas in which Rabbi Yoni & Dina can help:-

- Are you new in the area and looking to meet like-minded individuals your age?
- Would you like to learn to read Hebrew in just 5 weeks?
- Are you a young couple who would like to learn more about the Jewish home?
- Are you looking for a delicious, homely and inspiring Shabbat dinner?
- Are you looking for a Lunch & Learn session at your workplace?
- Would you like a visit or a phone call? Or just someone to lend an ear?
- Would you like a Torah study partner?
- Would you like to host or arrange a home study group? Choose a topic of interest to learn in depth with a group of your friends; Rabbi Yoni will gladly come to your home on a regular basis until the topic has been covered.

Contact the Golkers:

rabbiyoni@shulinthewood.com – 07930 305 335

dina@shulinthewood.com – 07547 059 112