Under the guidance of the Honorary Officers, the Administrative Office ensures that the synagogue runs smoothly and the building is well maintained.

The office is the first port of call for most enquiries and our staff are always happy to help.

The Synagogue Administrator is Jennifer Weider.  Jennifer is responsible for managing membership and accounts, implementing decisions of the Board relating to the managing of the Synagogue, overseeing office staff, events management and maintenance staff.

Jennifer is assisted by Kraindel Singer, Assistant Synagogue Administrator.  Kraindel is the most likely person to answer telephone calls and is the first point of contact for queries.  Kraindel is also responsible for publishing the weekly newsletter and processing invoices.

In addition, there are two part time assistants, Hayley Bartman and Fiona Leckerman. Hayley supports the heavy office workload and also organises the kiddushim.   Fiona is the Personal Assistant for both Dayan Binstock and Rabbi Golker.

Hosting weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, as well as charity events and conferences is an important part of our community.  Michelle Aminoff is our Banqueting Co-ordinator.  Michelle will help to ensure any event at St John’s Wood runs smoothly.  Please see Hall Hire pages for more information.

Jag Gurung is Head Caretaker.  Jag directs maintenance and cleaning staff.  Jag will set up the halls for events and make sure premises are clean and tidy.

With this level of staff, St John’s Wood aims to fulfil its objective of running an efficient and well maintained synagogue able to manage membership from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, host major events to a professional standard, and support its rabbis and volunteers who run the many and varied community activities. 


Contact 020 7286 3838 email office@shulinthewood.com