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The Ne’imah Singers


Founded in 1994 by Chazan Moshe Haschel and conductors, Marc Temerlies and Jonathan Weissbart, the Ne'imah Singers started life with Cantor Haschel at Finchley Synagogue and moved to our synagogue in 1997. The choir accompanies Cantor Haschel one Shabbat a month as well as on Yamim Tovim and Sefira and Selichot services.

From its foundation, The Ne’imah Singers have quickly earned a reputation for vocal and musical excellence and sensitivity in performing the widest variety of repertoire. The name 'Neimah' comes from the Hebrew for 'pleasant-sounding' and is tied up with the intention to beautify and show the majesty of the various prayers sung.

The Ne'imah Singers has established a reputation for excellence in its warm, sensitive and melodious interpretation of synagogue music.
Their repertoire, mainly arranged by Raymond Goldstein of The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and also by Marc Temerlies and Stephen Glass, combines the rich heritage of the Anglo-Jewish choral tradition with Central and Eastern European cantorial compositions, giving them a fresh dynamism with modern arrangements.

The Ne'imah Singers regularly performs at concerts and services accompanying the world's finest Chazanim, at Jewish music festivals in the UK and abroad, and on BBC and PBS television.

The Song in Prayer

Please listen to a sample track from the CD by clicking on the Audio button below.

CD Track Listing

  1. Titgadal

  2. Uv’chen Yitkadash

  3. Uv'yom Hashabbat

  4. Modim

  5. Pitchu Li

  6. Einei Chol

  7. Ya’ale

  8. Ki Lekach Tov

  9. Umip’nei Chata’einu

  10. Ki Vi Yirbu

  11. Adon Olam

  12. Yigdal