Thank you for all your help and advice, that really helped. Our Simcha, you made go so smoothly from start to finish. The shul is absolutely beautiful and stunning, and the hall was a wonderful place to have a simcha. A day we all enjoyed and won't forget.

Julie and Richard Braham 

Just a short note to say thanks for everything - you were such a support to both Sterna & me in dealing with the JBCS event and ensuring that it actually happened!

Baruch Hashem we managed to pull it off and it was a great success and I really believe that you were a key player to make this happen.

Thanks again & שָׁלוֹם שַׁבָּ
Laurence & Sterna

Our wedding on the 4th November 2012 was made perfect by the amazing staff and Rabbi at St. John's Wood Synagogue, no request is ever too large.

Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you very much for all your help leading up to and over the weekend. The party was a real success and we had lots of compliments about the venue.

Kind regards

St John's Wood Shul is the perfect place for a batmitzvah or any party! The hall is large enough to seat your guests for dinner comfortably, there is plenty of room for a separate reception with food stations and some seating and of course and importantly, nearby parking at the weekend too.

The hall itself is versatile, modern and light, and if desired, can be easily dressed. The stage lends itself to a live band or DJ or whatever entertainment you have in mind. Or if not, it can be closed off as if it doesn't exist.

Overall we would highly recommend this modern and stylish venue for a formal batmitzvah or function of any kind.


The ladies in charge of the administration of the shool and banqueting hall were extremely helpful and had a calming effect on me whenever I was anxious about my daughter's wedding day. It was good to hear their friendly voices at the end of the phone.

The chupa was wonderful and you were there to supervise the procession and for the formalities of the witnesses signing the marriage certificate.

The reception room was excellent and the banqueting room looked amazing. I was sent a list of recommended people to service the wedding. I used people from the list and they were brilliant.

All our guests were happy that we had the celebrations and the chupa at the same place as it saved them the worry of having to park their cars twice.

I have had two simchas at St John's Wood Synagogue firstly my son's barmitzvah and then my daughter's wedding and I highly recommend it.


Thank you so much for all your help on Sunday – your calm and efficient handling of us all was masterful (and essential). It brought back happy memories of my own Chuppah there in 1966. We all send our thanks.

Best Wishes, Susan Zamet

Now that Normality is returning to our lives, we felt the need to express our very grateful thanks for all of the good things that occurred before and during a most memorable Chuppah Ceremony at your Synagogue on 1st July 2012.

We thank you personally, for the efficient and thoroughly professional manner in which you conducted all matters appertaining to the Couple, together with all of the formalities associated with the Wedding Ceremony itself.

We thank Dayan Binstock for his wonderful, moving oratory under the Chuppah, the dignified manner of his inter-reaction with both families in the Synagogue, and his special ability to put everyone at ease.

We also thank Chazan Moshe Haschel for producing a truly powerful interpretation of all the Chuppah repertoire, including an inspirational Sheva Brachot.

To you all, we say, very many thanks to St John’s Wood Synagogue.

This is the very first time I have been back at work since the wedding as we have been away... Thank you so very very much for all the attention and care and sweetness you showed to me over the last few months ….you have just been an angel!!! Also, your jacket was simply perfect and so very much appreciated!!

I just cannot speak highly enough about you and and your kindness!! I do hope that you had a good yomtov too!

By the way, the wedding was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment!!

Sally xxx