Shavuot 2018 -  5778

20th May 2018 - 21st May 2018

Please join us for an exciting, educational and interactive Shavuot Programme at St John's Wood Synagogue. The highlights include:

  • Full night Tikkul Leil Programme with Rabbi Dweck, Dayan Binstock, Rabbi Golker & Rabbi Cohen
  • Youth Programmes with our Youth Directors throughout
  • First night Shavuot Buffet dinner and deserts 
  • Babes in the Wood/Mummy and Me Programme
  • Baby blessing and a delicious dairy community brunch
  • Guest lecturers - Dr David Cohen and Dr David Sanders
  • Range of services and speakers and a Q&A session 
  • Joint Neilat Hachag with Anshei Shalom, celebrating Ashkenazi and Sephardi dishes and customs from around the Jewish world 

Please click HERE for the Shavuot programme and times

Looking forward to welcoming you!